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NOVAFON Testimonial-worldwide



Over the years we have received literally hundreds of unsolicited messages of thanks from sufferers who have found relief from years of pain using the Novafon. But we, and our visitors, would especially like to hear about your experience any tips and advice on using Novafon to help your particular ailments.

“我寫信說我已經有了23年的Novafon。它在上個月終於停止工作了,我很高興在4月11日訂購了我新的替代品。當初我購買它時我不知道它會有多大幫助, 多年來我患有脊柱退行性疾病,導致脊柱和背部出現神經和肌肉問題。使用這個機器,加上運動和過健康的生活,使我能夠保持活動和積極的生活!我相信我無法如此的適應和安好如果不使用Novafon的話,只是想表達感謝你們公司生產這麼棒的機器。它再次幫助我度過了一個特別艱難的時期,我知道它會繼續在將來支持我。“


“I am writing to say that I have had a Novafon for 23 years. It has finally stopped working over the last month and I have gladly ordered my replacement on the 11th april. When I purchased it I had no idea how much it would help me over the years. I have a spinal degenerative disease which causes neurological and muscular problems to my spine and back. With the use of your machine, exercise and healthy living I am able to keep a mobile and active life! I am sure I would not be as fit and well without the use of the Novafon and just wanted to pass on my thanks to your company for producing such a fantastic machine. It has yet again helped me through a particularly trying period and I know that it will continue to support me in the future.”

Lorna Freestone

“每天使用這個裝置大約一個月,我腳踝的大部分疼痛都消失了。也用在我丈夫疼痛的肩膀上,背部效果都很好 – 而且那只是使用了一次。這個項目花費不如我们预期的高,並且已經為我們至少省下六次做整骨療法或去看物理治療師每次30英鎊 –  40英鎊的費用。


 “Been using this device daily for about a month and most of the pains in my ankles have gone. Also used it on my husband’s aching shoulder and back with good results – and that was with just one application. This item cost is not so much as what we expected  and has already saved us at least six visits to an osteopath or physiotherapist at £30 – £40 a time.



凱蒂 南威爾士

“When reading the instructions for this item it states that it is not a miracle cure, I beg to differ. I recently pulled something in my neck which was instantly very painful. My movement to one side was very restricted and caused difficulty in driving. I borrowed this massager from a relative and carried out a session in the evening, after about 20 min I could really notice some relief from the pain. I used the massager again the following night and by the morning the pain had gone and all I could feel was a slight niggling feeling. I have been totally won over by this piece of equipment and am going to purchase one for myself.”

Katie South Wales



“I had suffered frozen shoulder for 5-6 months; after two weeks treatment I now sleep all night.”

Cross, Surrey.



“Have had this Novafon massager for a little while and myself and family have used it for many aches, pains, and muscular problems. It is very convenient to use, light and is easy to direct it to and hold it on to and work the area of discomfort.

Joe, Willies



Conclusion? On balance and in conjunction with other treatments I’m pleased with the Novafon Massager and feel that it certainly comforts, if not heals.”

Teddy B.



 “Novafon have an exemplary record for care, advice and service both before and after sales. My present Novafon has been found to be useful in treating localized areas of trauma, i.e. Sprained Ankles, Painful Shoulders etc.”

Dr. U.K.N. Essex



“I purchased the Novafon about 24 years ago and would not like to be without it. Over the years I have treated my tennis elbow  and recently cured my frozen shoulder, my Mother also uses it for her arthritic elbow, it works wonders for pain relief.”



J.H. 埃克塞特。

“I have been using Novafon for both the diagnosis/location and regular treatment of muscular complaints and sports injuries. Also for treatment of a wide spectrum ailments from Arthritis and the rehabilitation of Stroke victims to Fibrositis nodules in young people caused by tension and bad posture at VDU screens.”

J.H. Exeter.


B. 克雷克門

“We use Novafon in the clinic and find it invaluable for the treatment of many ailments and injuries especially Sports Injuries. We also find Novafon helps during a Migraine attack. It is particularly beneficial in providing relief from intense throbbing pressure pain of the head, neck and face.”

B. Clackman


RGT 肯特

“The Novafon has been in constant use over some years. Treatment to Cervical problems, Shoulder, Thoratic, Lumbar, Knee and Foot problems have been dealt with providing great relief.

R.G.T. Kent.



I have found Novafon beneficial in relieving Backache and Headaches caused by blocked sinus.”

Stevenson, Leeds.



“I am a runner and a fell walker and last year was plagued by Sciatica in my right leg and hip and found painkillers unsatisfactory. Within one week of using Novafon, I found the Sciatica had disappeared and I could run and drive my car in comfort.”

Moss, Stoke.


Walmsley 坎伯蘭郡

“My Novafon is working splendidly. A Painful Swelling and Stiffness on a big toe joint has been removed and application to my lower back has meant a troublesome slipped disc has not slipped out.”

Walmsley, Cumberland.



“I have had my Novafon only two weeks. Already my fingers and joints are pain-free and less swollen. The Fibrositis in my neck is also much improved.”

Robertson, Ayrshire.

“我發現Novafon是治療肌肉,骨骼等的寶貴辅助工具, 特別是對狗和馬,它使我能夠避免使用具有對抗性的藥物療法。非常適用於治療傷口和骨折的關節和超速癒合。”


“I have found Novafon an invaluable adjutant to treatment of muscles, bones etc. particularly in dogs and horses , enabling me to avoid the use of allopathic drugs with consequent side effects. Very useful in Treating Joint and Speeding Healing of Wounds and Fractures.”

J.R.H., Veterinary Surgeon.

“自1981年以來,我一直患有腰痛,並嘗試了各種各樣的治療而没有多大的緩解。自從使用Novafon後我幾乎沒有疼痛。與許多其他類似的按摩器相比,它就像是從馬車換成勞斯萊斯。 “


“I have suffered Low Back Pain since 1981 and have tried all kinds of treatment with little relief. Since using Novafon I am almost pain-free. Compared with many other similar instruments, it’s like going from a horse and cart to a Rolls Royce.”

Turner, Cheshire.